Rabbies method!

This is paramount as selvedge denim comes untreated with loose colour. Machine washing can leave a webbed effect as the ink leaves the creases caused by crumpling together in the cycle.

Steep flat in a hot bath with detergent and conditioner, submerging the jean up and down for 5 mins then leave to steep for 15 mins. The water starts to cool instantly avoiding shrinkage but removing any solid dirt.

Drain and run a cold bath- re dip denims to rinse. Remove jeans to drain execess water by either hanging above bath or rolling up and squeezing. 

Lay flat on an old towel and roll up tight, repeat this again until your jeans feel like they’ve been through a spin cycle. 

Hang flat over clothes horse or line to dry- NO HEAT. 

This method can be used with the Harris tweed jeans but we recommend dry cleaning them.